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Experts Share Unique Challenges in Wearable Designs

Wearable devices will add a new twist to traditional embedded designs according to experts from ARM, Freescale, HillCrest Labs, STMicr, Imec and Koinix.

Wearable technology design presents challenges different from other embedded markets. To understand these challenges, “System Design Engineering” talked with James Bruce, Director Mobile Solutions forARM; Mike Stanley, Systems Engineer at Freescale; Daniel Chaitow, Marketing Communications Manager at Hillcrest Labs; Jay Esfandyari, Director of Global Product Marketing at STMicroelectronics; Siebren Schaafsma, Team Leader at Holst Centre and Imec, and; Thea Rejman, Financial Analyst at Kionix, Inc. What follows is a portion of that conversation. – JB

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Millimeter-Wave Moves beyond Airport Scanners

Imec’s millimeter-wave technology promises new application in motion sensing.

Many of us first learned about millimeter (mm) wave technology while passing through the relatively newer scanning machines at most US airports. This technology was originally thought to replace the older X-ray machine scanners. With mmWave’s, the radiation energy passes through clothing but bounces off the person’s skin before returning to the receivers. An image of the energy pattern is then available for viewing by airport TSA personel.

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