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Business Secrets from Private Semiconductor IP Companies

A panel of private company IP founders from CAST, IPExtreme, Methods2Business, and Recore Systems reveal their strategies for building thriving companies.

A panel of global semiconductor IP founders reveals their strategies for building companies that can thrive in a competitive market. What advice will they offer to today’s entrepeneurs? What is the best way to handle growing pains? Which exit strategies might actually work? These are just some of the questions that will be address by Hal Barbour of CAST; Warren Savage of IPextreme; Marleen Boonen of Methods2Business; and Dirk Logie of Recore Systems. Gabrièle Saucier of Design and Reuse is the panel’s chair. John Blyler of Extension Media will be the moderator. What follows is a position statement from the panelist in preparation for this discussion. – JB

Panel Description: “The Making and Selling of IP Businesses – Private Companies” – In this session, we will have two panels to hear perspectives from both sides. The private company panel will discuss with founders their strategies for building a company that can thrive in a competitive market. The public companies panel will discuss their approach toward acquisitions and some of the things that private companies should know that can increase their valuation.

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List up for DAC “IP Talks”

The Chipestimate.com DAC “IP Talks” speaker list is now live. Speakers from the entire EDA-IP ecosystem will have 30 minutes to talk about important trends and technologies. Be sure to include a few sessions in your DAC schedule and don’t forget about the free cocktail hour Monday (6/2) at 5pm in booth 1533.  See you there!
Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2014
June 1 – 5, 2014
Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

At DAC 2014, ChipEstimate.com will present the latest solutions from the leading IP suppliers and foundries on the IP Talks! stage. Watch this space to see the schedule of participating partners and plan your DAC 2014 agenda. Also, be sure to join us in booth 1533 for hands-on demonstrations of IP exploration and chip estimation, and discover how to estimate your next chip’s size, power, and cost.