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Dassault Systemes – COMPASS Magazine

HIGH-TECH PREDICTIONS : Shorter cycles will accelerate co-design, increase complexity

by Dan Headrick – October 2013

John Blyler writes, teaches and speaks on technology, science and science fiction, and serves as chief content officer of Chip Design, Solid State Technology and Embedded Intel Solutions magazines. He is an affiliate professor of systems engineering at Portland State University, teaching graduate-level programs. Compass recently spoke to Blyler about trends in high tech. …


IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer

Career Focus – Semiconductors

By John R. Platt – January 2013

“A surprising number of disciplines are needed to create complex chips, from electronic, mechanical, chemical, to software, applied physics and system engineers,” says John E. Blyler, editorial director of Extensionsmedia. “These disciplines must work together to meet time-to-market, cost and quality demands in vertical spaces like consumer, communication, automotive, medical, space — any area that relies on semiconductor and embedded electronics.”

… With its broad technical focus and coworkers from a wide range of backgrounds, engineers in the semiconductor field need to have the ability to work well with others. “Today’s engineer must possess an above average mental and emotional IQ,” Blyler says. “He or she must be technically competent in their field and be skilled in social interactions since most of today’s designs rely on global teams.”


Law in the Making

3D IP Issues… From Jewelery & Toys to Semiconductors

by Paul Banwatt - July 19, 2013

“Given the present limitations on low-cost printers’ ability to print complex objects and electronics, it is still early for electronic component manufacturers worry about IP implications of 3D printing. For now, the greatest IP threat may be to manufacturers of goods that are already similar to what existing low-cost 3D printers are capable of outputting. Barbie’s recent news-generating 3D-printer-assisted makeover should cause toy manufacturers to pause and think about 3D printing. But according to John Blyler at Chip Design, semiconductor manufacturers should possibly start paying attention too: ” What happens, though, …””


The Oregonian

Carl Icahn fires first salvo in battle for Mentor Graphics’ future

By Mike Rogoway - February 08, 2011

More radical changes may also be afoot, which could remake or dissolve the 30-year-old company.

“I could definitely see it being sold off into pieces,” said John Blyler, editor of Chip Design Magazine.

Other companies could make use of portions of Mentor’s business, Blyler said, but wouldn’t invest in new ideas the way Mentor has.

“I would hate to see it happen,” he said. “I don’t really see them as a country club. I see them as well run as Synopsys, and maybe Cadence would be third. And they’re branching out in all the right areas.”


Business Journal – Portland, OR

Mentor bid could be defensive play for Cadence

Aliza Earnshaw – July 7, 2008

“Cadence’s products could be a good technical fit with Autodesk’s, says Chip Design Magazine editor John Blyler, who lives in Portland. He also suggests Dassault Systemes S.A., a $1.26 billion French software company, as another possible acquirer, though Autodesk has more cash, with more than $900 million on its balance sheet.”

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